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AIRSEAL Replacement Soles
Translucent Grey Vinyl
UK Sizes 3 to 12
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Replacement soles for the repair of Airseal Footwear

Wholesale customers only

A good option for customers who have beloved boots they want to revive with new soles

Giving footwear extra life can be a more environmentally friendly option.

Excellent option for customers that wear through soles particularly quickly.

In the UK we happily redirect customers to 
Eric Wrathall’s Airseal Resoling Service

An easier option for overseas customers.



Sole units are slightly bigger than the shoe and need to be trimmed down once attached to fit properly. These soles are the ‘Regular-thickness’ soles. They replace soles on styles like the ‘3 eyelet shoe’. They will also work on say the ‘Acme Shoe’ which is fitted with the thinner version ‘Town sole’ at the factory. (We do not currently stock the thinner version as used on the Acme shoes).

Discretion is needed when recommending a new sole for Airseal footwear. As I’m sure you know, during the life-span of the shoes and boots we sell, dealing with customer’s expectations is part of the process.

Most customers find that our Airseal footwear lasts really well. The Micro-fibre materials we use for uppers generally outlast the leather equivalents and can out-last the soles too.

Please be aware

Using a local shoe repairer?

Some discretion and footwear knowledge is needed!
Having a good relationship with a good local repairer is really helpful.
Not all repairers are the same - infact we have found they vary immensely.
Some are very experienced crafts-people and some do more basic repairs.
Airseal is different to other types of footwear - the soles are welded by heat onto the ‘welt’ of the boot.
This can be seen on our ‘A Vegetarian Shoe is Born’ video
A good shoe repairer can reseal small "welt-splits".
To replace the complete sole unit the existing sole must be completely ground or cut off.
Synthetic adhesives specially used for bonding Vinyl are best.
Not all glues can repair Airseal footwear.
Our sole units are a similar compound Vinyl as used in other well-known
footwear with heat-welded soles.

It is not possible to repair all shoes and boots:

Beyond Repair
Some footwear can be worn ‘beyond repair’ (Eg. worn down too far at an edge, usually at the toe or heel).
Sole Splits
Sometimes soles can begin to split when they are worn thin, and the shoe can be repaired. 
Flex Point Split
Sometimes a small cut in the sole at the flex point can grow into a bigger split. If the sole splits completely in half then it is usually too late to fix.
Worn Out Uppers
Some components in the uppers can be too worn out for it to be worthwhile attaching new soles though.

Product codes (for ordering)
929000034 (for UK Size 3/4)
929000056 (for UK Size 5/6)
929000078 (for UK Size 7/8)
929000910 (for UK Size 9/10)
929001112 (for UK Size 11/12)